Grammar Points
In this on-line resource center, we discuss the major grammar points that language-learners struggle with.
Useful Expressions in Office Life
What are some things that you can say if you work with English speakers to make them comfortable with you, and show some personality? You can find it here.
General Advice On How To Improve Your English
Self-Study — what you do on your own is much more important than anything you accomplish by working with us. So here are some suggestions for how to make your self-study time most valuable.
Learn how to say it here!
Facebook Lives
Every Friday, at 8 pm, we do a Facebook Live broadcast. Before or after, we usually say a few things about what we discussed.
Miscellaneous Posts
We are always trying to find new ways to reach out to you, and sometimes we experiment with content that’s not easily categorized. You can find that materials here
Why Choose Us
  1. Skilled native lecturers organize teams according to the level and purpose of each student,Lessons are assembled while talking among lecturers.
  2. All lessons will be customized and English for yourself will be acquired.
  3. Learning expressions and pronunciation indispensable for outgoing English proficiency from bilingual and basic.
  4. You can utilize Skype (and face to face) and you can take lessons according to your convenience without going through.
  5. Even if you are not a student, you can receive English proficiency diagnosis and self-study advice for free.
  6. On the homepage, free English learning videos · English-language newspaper translation · vocabulary ( weekly) is released.