Grammar Points
In this on-line resource center, we discuss the major grammar points that language-learners struggle with.


Useful Expressions in Office Life
What are some things that you can say if you work with English speakers to make them comfortable with you, and show some personality? You can find it here.


General Advice To Improve Your English
Self-Study — what you do on your own is much more important than anything you accomplish by working with us. So here are some suggestions for how to make your self-study time most valuable.


Learn how to say it here!


Facebook Lives
Every Friday, at 8 pm, we do a Facebook Live broadcast. Before or after, we usually say a few things about what we discussed.

What you get when you work with AlphaGENIUS?

1. You get a LEARNER TEAM: a team of teachers — bilingual Japanese, and skilled native English-speakers.

2. Your LEARNER TEAM remains in steady communication about the work that they are doing. They coordinate with each other and customize what they are doing to meet your needs.

3. You get your own “AlphaGENIUS +alpha” page, where your LEARNER TEAM shares notes and materials with each other and with you.

4. You get a curriculum that is CUSTOMIZED (not STANDARDIZED). We focus on the English-language skills that you yourself need, given your own unique life objectives.

5. You get Skype as well as Face-to-Face services. We work with you to plan a schedule of services that accommodate your particular lifestyle.

6. Even if you are not an existing customer, we are constantly updating this website with self-study advice and useful materials. And anyone that is considering purchasing an AlphaGENIUS Plan gets three free consultations.

7. After one month of services, you are not happy with our services, you can cancel and receive a 100% refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.