About Us

“Follow the Learner and the Learning will Follow.”

We believe that the only way to build a curriculum is from within YOU, the LEARNER.
The AlphaGENIUS teaching staff represents decades of teaching experience. We have access to the best materials online and offline. Some of it is original, some of it we pull from proven ESL publishers. Most of it we adapt in one way or another.
But the above is largely true of any decent language school that you might be considering working with.
What makes AlphaGENIUS different is that everything begins with our understanding of your and your NEEDs. Every decision we make is directed by our understanding of you and your NEEDs. We build and maintain a team of teachers around you all of whose work is shaped by a shred understanding of you and your NEEDs, and they are all working together constantly to perfect their understanding of you and your NEEDs.

東京の英会話教室, 東京で英会話指導, 東京の英語学校, 英語 コーチング

AlphaGENIUS teaches communicative English skills, specializing in English for Business purposes.
We offer monthly plans, as well as discounted plans for those that purchase 3-month and 6-month service packages.
Plans are a package of face-to-face lessons, guided independent study, skype lessons, and correspondence activites.
AlphaGENIUS has been in opperation since September 2017. Our main Kakio English Conversation School is near Kakio Station, just outside of Tokyo Prefecture on the Odakyu Line, and our satellite Chiyoda English Conversation School is near Ichigaya Station, in Central Tokyo.

AlphaGENIUS’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Peter Ackerly, holds a Master of Arts Degree in Teaching English as a Second language (MATESL) from Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, Vermont, USA. He has lived in Japan for 17 years.