Each of our service plans consist of a combination of service modules. These modules are as follows….

personalized English curriculum Chitoda-ku Tokyo

Reliable Access to our Japanese Support Staff
Our Japanese support staff is trained accurately to represent our program to you, address scheduling and billing issues, and facilitate the customization of services to match your WANTS, your NEEDS, and your INTERESTS.

Your Own Online Personal Desk
You get your own self-study space where your Teachers can all coordinate their services with you.

English conversation skills Chiyoda-ku Tokyo

English Journaling.
We have plans that include English Journaling 5 times a week, 3 times a week, twice a week, and even once per week, for those that find they are too busy. You write a journal entry. A native English-speaking teacher will then read and send you an MP3 sound file of her/him reading aloud the corrected version of what you have written.

Bilingual Coaching
Some students do well if at least one of their teachers is a fluent speaker of both English and Japanese, even if (sometimes PARTICULARLY if) that teacher is Japanese. So many of our plans include a Bilingual Coach as an option. Usually, these are Skype lessons, but your service plan can be modified if you prefer a Face-to-Face lesson with your Bilingual Coach.

英語 勉強
英語 勉強

[Questions and interviews with email or telephone]
Japanese bilingual advisor who is good at teaching experience provides advice and daily support for the whole English learning. We will provide Skype and face-to-face grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation lessons, Q & A on English learning. We also provide support for everyday homework and learning.

Conversation Partner
Sometimes a learner just needs a foreigner that is going to engage in free conversation. Our Conversation Partners are trained to mostly ask questions and push the learners to talk for as long as possible and to challenge them to speak at higher and higher levels of difficulty.

英語 勉強
英語 勉強

Discussion Trainer
The Discussion Trainings are a bit more structured. Typically, both the Discussion Trainer and the learner have read the same article, listened to the same sound file, or watched the same video and the is Discussion Trainer’s job to come prepared with questions to structure the discussion. Learners that prefer to work out of a textbook can do so with the Discussion

Trainer. Discussion Training is almost always by Skype.

Intensive Coach
The Intensive Coach is a teacher that has a substantial background in English pedagogy. Often the Intensive Coach has a Masters Degree in Linguistics or failing that we have the first-hand experience of some other context where they have performed well. Basically, the Intensive Coach is someone that can tell the student “whatever you want.”

英語 勉強
英語 勉強

In the case of some of our higher-end plans, once per month, where a Face-to-Face Intensive is scheduled, we add two extra teachers to observe and give feedback, and if desired participate directly.

Trainer. Discussion Training is almost always by Skype.