Frequently Asked Questions
Are your services expensive?
Yes. We are a premium English-learning service provider, but we offer a refund after the first month if you are not satisfied. We offer a variety of plans at different price levels, but if you are looking for the lowest price option, you should probably go look at other English schools first.
What if I don’t have a lot of time to study?
We offer a variety of service plans. We offer intensive plans with a lot of face-to-face services. We have plans with a lot of Skype lessons. And we have plans that involve mostly email correspondence. We will consult with you to work out the plan that best suits your schedule.
Can I choose my own teacher?
At AlphaGENIUS, you do not work with a single teacher. You work with a team. We are not a “matching” agency. For an additional charge of ¥5000 per month, you can request that you always have a particular teacher. However, we do not encourage you to take this option since we are very careful to vet each of the teachers on our team.

Why are your services expensive?
We are a premium English-learning service provider.

What kind of training do your teachers have?

“Our Intensive Coaches either have Master of Arts in fields related to Education or Second Language Learning or they extensive experience working with Japanese English-learners.  Our current bench of Intensive Coaches are all people whom Peter Ackerly (the AlphaGENIUS CEO) has observed directly for at least a year working in a variety of context before selecting them to be Intensive coaches.  But we do not feel that it’s enough to have experts on the team. The AlphaGENIUS approach demands a multiplicity of perspectives. We prefer to offer plans that include at least one team member that is a bilingual Japanese, and at least one member that is non-Japanese, non-native-English speaker, and at least one native English teacher who might have less experience than the Intensive Coach, but nevertheless highly motivated to help you reach your fullest potential.

Having said all that, there are no teachers on our team that does not have at least two years of some kind of teaching experience.

While we are very proud of the quality of our team of teachers, it is not the quality of each individual teacher that makes our system great.  Rather, it is the culture of teamwork (aggressively promoted by the CEO) and online systems designed to support that teamwork (painstakingly developed by the CEO) which make AlphaGENIUS truly worth the time and worth the money.

How do I know that your teachers are good?
You don’t. This is why we will refund your money after the first month if you are not satisfied. This is always why our plans feature a team of teachers, all of whom make themselves accountable to each other for what they are doing. As a belief, it is basic to our philosophy that no single teacher knows what is best for you. This team methodology also makes it easy for us to modify the team as your needs evolve. — moving one teacher out, perhaps, and moving another teacher in.
Do you have a textbook?
As long-standing ESL professionals, we have many textbooks which our team of teachers is deeply familiar with. Each of us also has our own materials that we have developed — either individually or as a team. But fundamental to the driving philosophy is that THE LEARNER IS THE CURRICULUM. There is no single textbook that is right for everyone. We don’t start with the textbook. We start with YOU. We start with our understanding of YOU. We build everything around YOU. One of the very convenient resources that we often use to build that curriculum is textbooks.
What if it is difficult to come to either Ichigaya or Kakio for face-to-face lessons?
Most of our plans offer mostly Skype lessons, with a face-to-face meeting happening only once per month. If coming to our offices once per month is nevertheless difficult, in some cases, we might be able to send a teacher to meet you at a location feasible for you and or her/him. And lastly, though we cannot change the fee if you need to have your what would otherwise be a face-to-face lesson by Skype, that is also an option.

How can I decide if it’s even worth my time to consider your services?

Indeed.  You may not be ready for AlphaGENIUS.  We don’t want you to join AlphaGENIUS until the time is right.  We want to make sure that we can produce meaningful and valuable results with you.  This is why we offer THREE FREE CONSULTATION. Our consultations are a mixture of demonstration lessons, skills assessments, and needs-counseling sessions aimed at figuring out which customized plan will work best for you.

What makes AlphaGENIUS different?

We are TRULY learner-centered. We organize a team around YOU because YOU, the LEARNER, are the CURRICULUM.  We constantly adapt our team to fit you. We meet with you face-to-face. We meet with you by Skype. And through “My Personal Desk” — AlphaGENIUS’s unique personalized online learning environment, where we customize a team of teachers and a library of materials just for you, we keep you engaged between lessons so that the learning never stops.