Hide Yatabe

Head Bilingual Coach

Hello, Fellow learners. I am Hide Yatabe. I help the learner to get the most out of the range of services that AlphaGENIUS has to offer. I was born in Tokyo and lived in the United States for 14 years. I earned a Master of Sciences degree in Rehabilitation Counseling – helping people to overcome challenges, and develop new skills. This work deeply informs my work in the field of second language pedagogy.

Peter Ackerly

Peter Ackerly

Founder and CEO

I am from Burlington, Vermont. After graduating from the University of Vermont with a degree in Comparative Religion, I began a short but fulfilling career working and living with the mentally disabled population, which is how I became interested in the field of education. I have a Master of Arts degree in Teaching English as a Second Language and I have been living in Japan for 17 years, during which I’ve taught learners of all ages.

Paul Malone

Paul Malone

Intensive English Coach

Paul graduated with a Bachelor of Business in Finance from New Mexico State University and a Master of Education – TESOL from Oklahoma City University. Today as a speaking coach and facilitator, he supports Japanese business people and executives in mastering English, in improving their communication and presentation skills, and in becoming global businesses leaders.


Brandon Lindsay

Conversation Partner

My name is Brandon Lindsay and I am an English conversation teacher. I have been living in Japan for five years and I plan to stay here forever. I have taught English to all age and skill levels, from babies to high school students to retirees.

Robert Vincent

Robert Vincent

Discussion Trainer

Before coming to Japan in 2014, I served as the executive director of Quaker Bolivia Link, an NGO that funded life-changing water and agricultural projects in Bolivia. As part of my work, I coordinated with our partner offices in the UK and Bolivia, along with other funders in Germany and Canada.


Marian Palileo

Project Manager

My name is Marian Palileo, and I am the Project Manager. I have over 12 years of experience in customer service and performance enhancement working for some of the largest call centers in Asia and America.


Kaori Hirayasu

Bilingual Coach

I’m Kaori. I have enjoyed English since I was a child and I have studied English in Japan my entire life. I enjoy helping people, living in Japan, that still want to be able to speak and study English. As an English learner, I am sure that you have struggled a lot, wondering, as you study, if it is indeed possible to improve. I know exactly how you feel and I can tell you for certain, based upon my own experience, that yes, success is possible.